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Self storage units serve as the best way of storing all essential documents in the environment that is secure and low-cost. This is why firms, which provide such services continue to grow in popularity and that too for a good reason. The cheap self storage Melbourne units are fairly affordable and allow the user to free up space in their house or office and reduce clutter. One can keep almost everything in the self storage for long-term and even short term depending upon their needs.

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Features of storage units:

The storage industry has become so important these days where firms allow the customers to rent space at a certain location for safely storing their documents. For instance, the climate controlled iBox Australia storage Melbourne has is quite helpful in keeping the belongings dry and cool. It is necessary to figure out the size and the type of storage, which perfectly suits the needs of the individual.

These days, cheap self storage Melbourne units are charged on a monthly basis, though a variety of contracts are quite negotiable. The rate for storage largely depends on the location, the size of the unit and the quality of facilities and extra amenities offered by the service providers. The iBox Australia cheap boxes are really easy to access and are cheap in comparison with the interior units.

  1. 24 hour surveillance: Video cameras and sound recording systems are an absolute necessity at any storage facility. The cameras are quite helpful in deterring thefts. The team of security experts of these storage units locate cameras strategically throughout the facility, including the important areas such as gate entry and exit.
  2. Individually alarmed units: Most of the storage facilities come with alarms on the gates, but that is not sufficient. It is important to choose a storage service that provides individually alarmed storage units. These high security units offer additional layer of protection to the valuable goods.
  3.  Conveniently located storage facilities: It is always convenient to make sure that the storage facility is situated at a good location where all crucial facilities are readily available, and the area has a low crime rate. It is never worthy to choose a storage unit situated in a deserted location just for the sake of saving money. This will not just take more travelling time but will also be unsafe for the stored items.
  4. Insurance for storage items: The storage iBox usually comes with full and comprehensive insurance that offers cover to damage caused due to theft or water leakage. It’s really a smart investment to purchase full-protection for stored goods that will provide a great peace of mind in case any unforeseen event occurs.


The first and the foremost thing that one needs to consider is to decide which cheap self storage Melbourne has today should one choose. It’s also recommended to choose the most trusted service providers who have the relevant experience in the industry and come up with the best climate controlled cheap boxes for storage. Finally, choose the storage services that offer 24/7 access to the units so that the individual can get their items whenever they want. Check out

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