Why You Need a Professional Sydney Painter: Top Reasons

It’s well known that professional painters are super-fast, highly efficient and have mastered the painting techniques that will deliver superb results on your paint job. They make house painting look really easy and deliver awesome results which are loved by everyone. But are these the only reasons why you would hire professional painters Sydney contractors?

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In this article, we cover some of the painting trade secrets that make the professional painters in Sydney the real pros that they are:

They Understand the Importance of Sanding Away the Flaws on the Walls

Professional painters understand that in order to end up with the perfectly and smoothly painted walls, you have to begin with a very smooth wall surface. For this reason, the pros will put a great deal of premium on sanding away the walls. In fact, amongst the professional painters Sydney contractors, the role of the sander is one of the most valued as it contributes to overall impeccable results in the paint job.

Sanding serves an important function on the wall before the paint is applied. For example, it levels out the spackle, flattens out the ridges that exist around nail heads and removes the rough spots and burrs in the trims.

They Use Tinted Primers

Pros take their time before they begin painting the walls. They will spend time filling the holes in the walls and patching up the cracks which may exist on the walls with the use of joint compounds. When these are painted directly over, the resulting paintwork will have a flat and very dull look, a phenomenon that is usually called flashing. The pros therefore take their time to prime the walls or surfaces with the joint compounds to avoid incidences of flashing.

The pro Sydney painters use a tinted primer that is closer to the color of the paint rather than a white primer for maximum effect.  The tinted primers will also do an excellent job in covering up the existing paintwork than white primers.

They Press the Tape with the Use of Putty Knife

They do this in order to prevent the “bleeding” of the paint into the woodwork bordering the wall surface being painted. This usually causes a pain in the neck once the paint has dried off as you have to peel off the dry paints that bled through. For the pro painters, a lot of effort is put into ensuring that the tape has adhered well before the painting process begins.

They Use the Canvas Drop Cloths

Canvas drop cloths will absorb all the paint splatter in order to contain the paint spills from seeping into the flooring of the room being painted.

They Scrape Rather than Tape Windows

It is tempting to tape the windows but this is barely efficient in containing the paint from spilling into the windows. Because taping is such a waste of time, you are better off leaving the paint to spill into the windows then scraping it off easily with a small blade once you have completed the painting process.

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