How to Create a Design Plan for Two-Storey Homes

Creating house plans can be difficult. You need to leave it to a professional because there are several considerations to be made. When you are trying to a build a two storey home, the challenge doubles too. Your goal is to maximize the space for efficient use of that space and aesthetic appeal. Whether you are making your own house plan or tapping a professional to do it for you, you could use a few tips.

Define Your Needs

The most important component of house plans is your family’s needs. The same is true when you build double storey homes. The needs of every family are different. You need to identify yours in order build a house that would meet those needs. Do you value more space? Do you want an open floor plan? Would you like to get more privacy? These are specific questions you should ask to obtain crucial information for building your house plan.


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Shape of the Block

It is important that you determine the exact shape of the block of land where you want to build home in. The shape of the land will determine how you are going to create the plan for the house, such as the size, shape and how much of the total land area is going to be used for the home itself. For example, you might want to leave a lot of outdoor space for your yard or you could utilize the block of land for your home’s floor area.

Choose the Orientation

The specific orientation for your double story homes can impact the overall design for the house plan. You need to determine where the sun is facing and how to position the doors and windows for your home.

Natural Lighting

A common feature in modern house plans is the eco-friendly feature. One example is to allow natural lighting into the home. The use of glass doors and windows is one way to turn your house green. This will enable you to minimize use of energy to power your home since you can utilize natural light during the day.

Aside from installing large doors and windows, the use of reflective surfaces can also make the interior of your home feel more spacious. Try to install more glass surfaces and mirrors so natural light will easily bounce off.

Room Layout

The layout of the rooms is also crucial when you want to create effective house plans for a two-storey home. If you have limited floor area, a second storey is a good way to maximize the available space you have. One way you can do this is to use the first floor for your living room, dining room and kitchen. Meanwhile, the second storey can be used for the bedrooms and bathrooms. This will keep your home from being too crowded and allow more space to move around.

A double storey home is a huge investment. Therefore, it is important to use professionally created house plans to achieve the best results. Make sure you consider the factors above when creating your house plan.

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