How To Choose The Right Hardwood Floors For Your Next Home Project

This April, designers such as Darren Palmer in Sydney are reportedly incorporating sustainability into their successful projects. Appealing to the eyes of the growing, environmentally conscious demographic, sustainable elements like timber floors make your home or office space look extravagant and rustic. For this, many people are opting for timber floor installation Sydney firms conduct at a reasonable charge.

timber floor installation sydney
timber floor installation sydney

Choosing the right timber floor takes a bit of research and footwork to experienced installers that conduct timber floor installation in Sydney. The following list breaks down some ground rules when choosing the right wooden floors for your home or workplace.

Laminate and Recycled Wood

Sticking to a budget when renovating your office or residence seems like a difficult task. However, you can still achieve a beautiful timber finish with recycled wood or laminate floors. Laminate is an inexpensive alternative to hardwood flooring, comprising synthetic elements treated to imitate wood. You can purchase laminate in plank or tile form, while recycled wood can be cut and installed by professionals that conduct timber floor installation Sydney wide to your specifications.


Another budget friendly option, Lino is usually sold in square metres from a large roll. Another wood-like imitation, this material can be cut by experts to fit the exact dimensions of the room you are renovating. Ideally used in kitchens and bathrooms, it has a water resistant, spring-like quality that is both child and pet-friendly.


Bamboo is not just used to signify eastern mysticism, yoga, incense and meditation anymore. Designers around the world have come to revere bamboo for its cost-effective elements and an environmentally friendly alternative to solid timber. It is a fast growing and renewable resource compared to other timber. Although firms that conduct Sydney timber floor installation may carry solid wood flooring, you can research to find where the best bamboo in your area can be supplied from. Bamboo does not scruff or scratch easily and is best for damp or humid climates where solid timber is not recommended.

Solid Timber

The luxurious king of all hardwood flooring, nothing beats the timeless finish of the solid timber floors. Sold as planks at the retailers, you can also request some of the best timber floor installation Sydney professionals offer to design and install parquetry flooring, a mosaic style pattern made of smaller pieces of solid timber. Timber floor installations vary in price depending on the hardness and are extremely durable when professionally sealed in a correct manner. With a range of finishes to choose from, timber flooring is easy to clean. If you have pets or children at home, you might want to keep hardwood floors away from the kitchen and bathrooms. If you can afford regular maintenance, solid timber floors give your home and work space a warm, natural ambiance.


Depending on your budget you can contact your local timber floor installation Sydney companies or visit sites like to find out more about what kind of flooring would work best for your indoor environment.

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